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Community / Land projects / GFI Increasing DRM by Promoting Corporate, Natural Resource and Professional Integrity Belize

GFI Increasing DRM by Promoting Corporate, Natural Resource and Professional Integrity Belize


01/22 - 12/25


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Media Inistitute of the Caribbean (MIC) will design multi-session trainings for journalists and civil society on investigating corruption and IFFs. The trainings will include cross-cutting topics such as “Understanding Beneficial Ownership and the Impact on Anti Money Laundering (AMT) /Combating the Financing of Terrorism(CFT) and “Exploitation of Natural Rsources—Loopholes Which Allow for Corrupt Practices,” as well as topics directed to journalists, such as “The Storyboard for Corruption Stories” and “Digital Security for Journalists.” In addition, they will create a network to encourage information sharing along with establishing a preliminary database of resources and sources for journalists that complete the training program. As part of the planning for the training sessions, they will contribute to the design and production of policy resources for improving corporate and land ownership as well as professional integrity. MIC will also take part in stakeholder engagement. Friends for Conservation and Development ( FCD) works to increase DRM through greater natural resource and trade integrity. This will marry FCD’s expertise on conservation and natural resources with GFI’s expertise on integrity, transparency, and IFFs. FCD will leverage their on-the-ground presence, they manage Belize’s largest national park, past research of issues such as illegal logging and wildlife trafficking, and strong relationship with the government and civil society. FCD has taken the lead on selecting the research areas and will lead on project design and implementation. They will i lending their expertise on natural resources to the design of policy resources and engagement

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