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Community / Land projects / Global Fund for Women 2023 - 2026

Global Fund for Women 2023 - 2026


07/23 - 03/27


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GFW's long-term vision is - "A world where movements for gender justice have transformed power and privilege for a few into equity and equality for all" The new strategic plan builds on lessons from the last strategic period and aims to support GFW's continued organizational development to better support already functioning or newly emerging social movements. The strategic plan has the following five objectives: 1. Find and fund emerging gender justice movements poised for impact by leveraging data and insights. 2. Define and practice excellence in feminist grantmaking and support of gender justice movements - to maximize movement impact and minimize friction, burden, and competition. 3. Raise money in support of gender justice movements by building a community of support through relationships, including with feminist funds. 4. Promote gender justice by challenging the dominant narrative around philanthropy and co-creating opportunities for feminist solidarity, joy, and movement victories. 5. Grow a values-based organizational culture that aligns with our vision so we can show up better for each other and our partners. GFW forwards funds to organisations at the local level. Climate Justice is one of GFW's program areas and in 2022, 20% of all grants were directed to activities in this area. The grants go to activities that include sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, and support for indigenous women's work for land rights. In 2022, 22% of all grants went to organizations that work with SRHR (sexual and reproductive justice).