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Community / Land projects / Haiti-Canada Municipal Cooperation Program - Phase 2

Haiti-Canada Municipal Cooperation Program - Phase 2


01/14 - 03/20


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This project aims to strengthen partner municipalities and federations to improve the delivery of public services, better promote and regulate local development, and support economic and social development. It seeks to increase the transparency, efficiency and financial sustainability of local governance institutions, and enable them to be role models in municipal management and local service delivery for the rest of the country. The project also supports municipal initiatives that benefit citizens and small businesses, such as improved roads, electricity, water and sanitation and waste management, and stimulate local economic growth. The project builds on the results of the Haiti Earthquake - Haiti-Canada Municipal Cooperation Program - Phase 1 by continuing to build the institutional capacity of five Haitian local governments (the City of Port-au-Prince and the municipalities of Gressier, Leogane, Grand Goave and Petit Goave) and three national associations of elected officials (the National Federation of Mayors of Haiti, the National Federation of Boards of Communal Sections and the National Federation of Assemblies of Communal Sections). The project also supports the Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities in its progress towards decentralization. Some project activities include: (1) providing technical support by Canadian municipal experts in administration (budgeting, budget monitoring and reporting), urban and land use planning, road repair, economic development and waste management services; (2) implementing a tax collection system, including issuance of tax accounts communications and monitoring of revenue collection; (3) developing and implementing regional urban plans and economic development plans; (4) providing technical support to the three national federations of locally elected officials to design and implement training programs for their members, improve their advocacy capacity and optimize the integration of common services; and (5) supporting the Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities to enhance its capacity to respond to municipal needs and to design and produce relevant municipal management and communication tools for nation-wide dissemination.

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