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05/17 - 04/18


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The Global Call to Action (GCA) is a coordination and mobilisation mechanism to accelerate momentum towards the target of doubling the recognition of Indigenous Peoples# and community land rights by 2020. Co-convened by ILC, RRI and Oxfam, the GCA creates a platform and gives voice to Indigenous People and local communities while also nurturing strategic initiatives and monitoring progress towards recognition of Indigenous Peoples #and community land rights. In 2015 and 2016 Oxfam received a grant from ILC to host the GCA coordinator and provide resources for the implementation of the Land Rights Now Campaign, one of the key strategic initiatives of the GCA launched in March 2016. Building on the efforts of existing networks and organizations, the Campaign draws attention to collective actions around the world and seeks to make Indigenous Peoples and local communities land rights a global priority by unitingand amplifying existing efforts. The first year of implementation proved that there is huge support and strength in the ranks of the GCA - the next phase seeks to transform that into change on the ground. This proposal focuses on the role of the GCA coordinationof this next phase for 1 year from 1 May 2017 to 30 April 2018. The key focus is on implementation of Land Rights Now initiative with some strategic support to broader GCA coordination.

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