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05/18 - 05/19


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Land Rights Now is an international campaign to secure indigenous and community land rights. It was launched by the International Land Coalition, Oxfam, and Rights and Resources Initiative, and many others in in March 2016 with the target of doubling the amount of land recognized as owned and controlled by Indigenous People and local communities by 2020 . The campaign contributed to a wider global call to action to secure indigenous and community land rights, which resulted in various local-to-global initiatives. Since then, more than 800 organizations have endorsed the target of the campaign, and over 100 have engaged in campaign activities. Campaign #wins#, increasing demand by communities, and a growing supporter base testify the success of the campaign and its enormous potential. To tap into this, the campaign has now entered a Phase II clearly positioning itself as an amplifier of campaigns for organizations that endorsed the target. This proposal contributes to the Land Rights Now coordinator ofthis next phase for 1 year from 1 May2018 to 30 April 2019. The Land Rights Now coordinator # a position currently held by Fionuala Cregan and hosted by Oxfam Novib # is a fundamental and strategic position to deliver the alliance plans of the campaigns.

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