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HO-The Hague Staff & Activity costs


07/20 - 09/21


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Land Rights Now is an international alliance campaign to secure indigenous and community land rights everywhere. We do this by developing local to global campaigns that engage the public - raising awareness of the link between secure land rights, climatechange and food systems - and mobilizing them to exercise pressure on Governments to secure collective land rights. The initiative does not create new campaigns but amplifies the ongoing strategic actions of local communities to increase impact and strengthen global and national collaboration to secure collective land rights. Land Rights Now was conceived as a campaign project with a clear timeframe from 2016-2020. The three co-convening organizations recognize the important added value of Land Rights Now and have confirmed their interest in the campaign continuing beyond 2020 - building on the lessons learnt as well as the alliances and support base built up over the past five years. In 2020, the specific objectives are: 1) Preparing the new phase of LandRightsNow: convene a structured conversation with key partners to think collectively about the this first phase of the campaign - what worked, what did not - and strategize on scenarios for the future - particularly in light of the corona virus pandemic. 2) Delivering campaigns to advance Indigenous and Community land rights: continue core activity of providing global campaign support to national campaigns, responding to campaign opportunities and requests (implementation of Forest Rights Act in India; land grabs in Uganda; construction of a military baseon collectively managed lands in Montenegro). LandRightsNow will work closely with local and national organizations in a process ofco-creation, which includes an element of capacity strengtheningon campaign strategy, digital tactics, and media. Finally, the LandRightsNow coordination will also lead on one or more global digital actions to advance the relevance of Indigenous and community land rights (tentatively in August) 3. Amplifying the work of co-conveners and participants: # amplifying stories coming from the RRI, ILC and Oxfam, as well as other participants# network to reach a broader and different audience; # issue action alerts around specific cases of land rights defenders at risk because of their peaceful actions or major globally-relevant policy opportunities; # providing visibility to any update on the RRI #baseline#, which also constitutes the underlying data justification for the LandRightsNow campaign.

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