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HO-Land Program Development Africa


02/16 - 05/16


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1. The Pan Africa Programme office will finalise development of a gendered tool on large scale land based investment in Africa witha focus on agriculture. This initiative covers 5 countries including Kenya and seek to profile the role of women and communities asstakeholders in large scale land based investment in agriculture in line with AU Guiding Principle on LSLBI adopted in 2014. The process of developing this tool is currently mid-way with completion set for end of March 2016. Euro. 7,000 is requested to finalise consultants fees and meet costs associated with community consultation meetings in Kenya. Completion of this tool will see Oxfam make significant contribution in advancing women's land rights in Africa by profiling best practices around agriculture investments in the bid to secure women and community land in various platforms. 2. It is proposed that the Oxfam Global Land Programme and the Pan Africa Programme will jointly organise a Pan-African Land Programme Meeting, to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, on April 4-8, 2016, convening 20-25 participants from across the continent. The Pan Africa programme will organise local logistics, and jointly plan the meeting content and develop the agenda.

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