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Community / Land projects / HO-Oxfam Novib Secretariat & Impl Ins Co

HO-Oxfam Novib Secretariat & Impl Ins Co


08/18 - 07/19


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Oxfam Novib stands up for the interests of poor people in developing countries who suffer negative effects from the actions of companies and governments. Oxfam will think critically about ways in which the perspective of stakeholders in developing countries can be put central and a maximum positive impact can be achieved. In addition, Oxfam Novib can contribute international practical experience for the promotion of human rights (including land rights and gender equality), tackling the climate problem, combating poverty, promoting access to medicines and corporate social responsibility. Oxfam Novib is an active member of the Fair Money Guide. Apart from the active involvement in the implementation, Oxfam Novib also ensures the administrative management of the facility through a Secretariat.

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