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Community / Land projects / Indigenous Communities and Other Key Actors - PPP USAID/Google

Indigenous Communities and Other Key Actors - PPP USAID/Google


11/16 - 11/21


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(Brazil): This ongoing project's objective is to conserve biodiversity in biologically-significant areas of the Amazon's tropical forests and meets the FY 2017 SFOAA Brazilian Amazon biodiversity earmark and all criteria of USAID's Biodiversity Policy, including an analysis of drivers and threats and a Theory of Change, monitored annually. It supports indigenous lands and peoples. Traditional communities in Brazil have a long history of conservation, currently maintain 20% of the Amazon, and face increasing pressures. This PPP aims to empower at least 30 communities and two governmental agencies (on >8 million hectares) to increase their ability to manage and conserve vast areas by building their capacity to use free technologies and approaches (e.g. Open Data Kit,Google Earth,YouTube) to collect data, manage information and communicate, resulting in better management of their territories and resources, and an enhanced dissemination of their stories, context and priorities.