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Indonesia Inequality Knowledge Hub


04/20 - 03/21


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Objective: Oxfam in Indonesia strives to become an Influencing Hub at the front row of national, regional, and international fora, research and advocacy work originating from the South. This Influencing Hub works to defeat Inequality, particularly addressing a) inequality of access with focus on social policy and social protection, b) Inequality in Wealth, considering resource distribution, taxes, land rights, sustainable finance, inclusive economy and value chains, and c) Inequality through climatic shocks/emergencies, looking at resilience building, climate crisis actions, climate adaptation, disaster risk reduction and preparedness, influencing humanitarian policy and enabling local humanitarian leadership. The Oxfam Indonesia influencing hub shall promote cross-border regionaland global collaboration, while being strongly connected with the context, stakeholders, networks and platforms in Asia and across the Globe on issues around inequality. Outputs: 1. Advocacy materials on inequality, such as policy briefs, policy studies, analysis and recommendations in the areas of social protection focusing on unpaid care work and tax justice, sustainable finance focusing on investments to address climate change and financing renewable energy, and inclusive business focusing on enabling environments forSMEs in agritulture. Further a study on local humanitarian leadership will be realised and advocacy at national and regional level will be done. 2. Consolidated portal on inequality for knowledge management, sharing and coordination across non-state actors will be developed. The Regional Platform and Oxfam in Indonesia will collaborate to develop, make use and promote the portal for internal and external use. 3. Strategy development for the Influencing hub (funding and business development model; operationalization of Partners based approach) 4. Staff capacity is developed in areas of (i) research; (ii) knowledge management, (iii) evidence-based advocacy and (iv) partnership. 5. Engagement with ASEAN where the Region and the country program collaborate to coordinate with other country programs and fellow CSOs to lobby the government particularly on fiscal justice and energy.

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