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Community / Land projects / IPD-K#Mwanati Asilia

IPD-K#Mwanati Asilia


07/21 - 09/21


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The indigenous people of the Coast of Kenya i.e Mijikenda, Wagunya, Pokomo, Boni, Wardei and Watta have lived as squatters on theirrightful land according to the report of the “Truth, justice and reconciliation commission”, as a result of the illegal acquisition of large tracts of land from indigenous communities during the colonial period. This project aims to collaborate with relevant National and County Government land duty bearers to promote legal land ownership and utilization in the community in accordance with land policy and written law by September 2021. IPD-K will raise awareness in Malindi and Magarini sub counties on the right to own andutilize land at the ward and sub county levels by June 2022 and support willing indigenous individuals and communities to access land offices to initiate the acquisition of land legal documents by December 2022.

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