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01/18 - 12/20


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KUWUKA is a civil society organization based in Maputo, created in 2002 and legally established in 2008, and with actions in the national sphere in the areas of Governance and Participation, Civic and Environmental Education, Studies and Research, Advocacy. Kuwuka aims to contribute to integrated and sustainable development, advocating the promotion of social, economic and environmental justice, participatory governance in land management, natural resources, awareness and empowerment of society to actively participate in the search. KUWUKA's vision is to awaken the exercise of citizenship for participatory and transparent governance of natural resources for sustainable development, with social, economic and environmental justice. Through the financing of the AGIR program Kuwuka intends to broaden the knowledge about the ITEI (Initiative for Transparency in the Extractive Industry) and Participation in the Public Debate on the Governance of Extractive Resources. The tangible results/changes that the intervention plans to achieve are: (a) knowledge of the ITEI by more citizens participating informally in the public debate, (b) knowledgeable radio editorial teams, producing and disseminatingradio programs on the ITEI, contributing to increase knowledge ongood governance of extractive resources; (c) increasing the active and effective participation of citizens in the public debate on transparency in the extractive industry; and (d)young people, university students informed about ITEI, participating in thedebate on extractive industry, (e) Citizens benefiting from the ITEI review report. The action will be implemented through a participatory and collaborative approach with the parties (government, civil society and business), in the provinces of Gaza,Inhambane and Manica, specifically in the provincial capitals. The choice of these cities is due to the fact that these cities have so far not benefited from similar major initiatives in the context ofthe extractive sector, despite having potential in minerals and hydrocarbons in exploration and still to be explored. Example Gaza:Heavy Sands and Diamonds; Inhambane: Natural Gas and Heavy Sands and Manica Gold and other ores.

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