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Community / Land projects / Lake Naivasha Basin Ecosystem Based Management

Lake Naivasha Basin Ecosystem Based Management

Lake Naivasha Basin Ecosystem Based Management


04/23 - 04/23


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To restore forest ecosystems and reduce land degradation in the LNB catchment for increased protection of Lake Naivasha's water resources, biodiversity, and associated ecosystem services to support the local and national economy.


Note: Disbursement data provided is cumulative and covers disbursement made by the project Agency.

Target Groups

The project will deliver socio-economic benefits on a number of fronts:1.By focusing on improved agricultural production methods, and streamlining the value chain, the project will directly benefit participating farmer groups and other value chain actors.2.Direct benefits to local communities are expected from the proposed restoration and management of land, forest and wetland ecosystems, by generating associated increases in productivity, and benefits from forest (both timber and non-timber forest products) and wetland (e.g. fish) products.3.Overall the above direct project benefits will increase income and jobs.4.Through its specific gender focus, furthermore, the project will result in more inclusion/access by women to productive activities and decision-making processes at the local level on natural resources management.5.In the longer run, the project will increase the resilience of the ecosystem which will ensure the longer-term economic function of such systems in many different ways, both through direct services such as the productivity of lands, water provisioning, fish and forest products, as well as through indirect ecosystem services such as opportunities for tourism development in the LNB catchment, including wildlife areas and biodiversity-rich wetland systems.6.Finally, through the project’s investments in capacity building and awareness raising, it will open up opportunities for individuals and partner organizations to develop spin-off opportunities related to integrated land-use planning, sustainable agriculture, and restoration/management of land and forest ecosystems.