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Community / Land projects / Land Access for Women Program (LAW)

Land Access for Women Program (LAW)


07/14 - 09/23


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(Vietnam): The Land Access for Women (LAW) program contributes to the ICS Objective 1.3: Strengthened Respect for Fundamental Freedoms, Social Inclusion and Rule of Law by promoting greater inclusion for rural women to increase their access to land to improve their social and economic status. With FY17 funds, LAW will provide TA to support land rights awareness raising, individual legal counseling, data collection and policy advocacy. This multi-pronged approach is intended to connect all stakeholders at the local level on realizing women's land rights, including the local government, civil society organizations (CSOs), and individual men and women. The results include: increased awareness and knowledge on existing land rights under current legislation; increased women's ability to exercise their land rights; evidence generated on the gender-specific barriers to actualize land rights in rural areas; and, increased capacity of CSOs to advocate for gender equitable land reforms.