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Community / Land projects / Land and livelihoods in Kachin State, Myanmar

Land and livelihoods in Kachin State, Myanmar


09/17 - 03/20


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The project is going to work with two partners (ALinn Bamaw and Kachin Conservation Working Group - KCWG) at 22 villages and 5 Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps in 5 townships, Kachin state. The project targeted women and men in that 22 villages and 5 IDP camps to improve their knowledge and skill on their right and access to land and forest. The project is also going to form farmers group and community forest user groups in the villages and applying land registration and Community Forest certification to secure their land and forest, at the same time improving their livelihoods based on their land and forest. Civil Society Organisation (CSO) networking group would be created by the project partners and local CSOs in Kachin for creating the platform between the government and community group for improving their law and policy discussion on gender, land and forest. The women empowerment and leadership and encouragement of gender on land activities would be implemented by the project for the improvement of women role in land and forest sectors including law and policy.