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Community / Land projects / Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA)

Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA)


08/12 - 09/22


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(Liberia): Last year the Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA) provided crucial support to the GOL's standing up and operationalization of the Liberia Land Authority, which was created in October 2016 to consolidate Liberia's fragmented and ineffective regulation of the land sector. With FY 2018 resources, LGSA will continue to support the Liberia Land Authority to draft policies, regulations, and guidelines that are needed to improve land governance; develop and institute a comprehensive geomatics certificate course at the Forestry Training Institute that will train 30 new surveyors this year; field test customary tenure recognition and local governance processes and procedures in seven pilot communities; and continue awareness raising efforts through grants and direct outreach activities, particularly pertaining to women's land rights, community negotiation skills in relation to concessions, the criminal conveyance of land, and implementation of the signed Land Rights Act, which will be enacted when printed...


Objectives for Liberia: To achieve this goal, LGSA has four objectives: Strengthening the legal, policy, and regulatory framework for land governance; Improving human and institutional capacity for land governance; Protecting customary land rights; and Supporting civil society, private sector, and citizen engagement in land governance.