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Community / Land projects / Land management, water monitoring and advocacy for sustainable living in Espinar

Land management, water monitoring and advocacy for sustainable living in Espinar


04/19 - 12/20


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In a context where mining activity has been present in Espinar for over 35 years, DHSF is going to implement the project "Territorial management, monitoring and advocacy for water for a sustainable life in the Cañipia and Salado river basin, Espinar - Cusco", placing particular emphasis on territorial management, community and specialised water monitoring around the Cañipia, Espinar and Salado river basins, and public advocacy actions. To this end, the project strategy includes training as well as information generation for public advocacy and networking with allied institutions so that activity is effective to achieve the indicators. DHSF will also provide accompaniment to the Association of Environmental Monitors of Espinar (AVMAE) so that they strengthen their own organisation and activities in the Espinar area. They will also carry out monthly water monitoring activities to measure the physical-chemical parameters (with LaMotte brand portable kits) in water quantity and quality, and will participate in specialised monitoring. This project will also support an investigation into water quality and measure the impact on health and presence of heavy metals in alliance with Amnesty International and enable DHSF to participate in a hearing of the InterAmerican Human Rights Commission on these issues. A new focus of this project will be on exploring models of alternative development (including the development of one study).