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Community / Land projects / Land Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS)

Land Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS)


05/13 - 09/19


This project is part of


(USAID Economic Growth, Education and Environment (E3)): The Project will support long-term, sustainable increases in land productivity, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity conservation by providing a data collection system using mobile phones to evaluate the effectiveness of management actions and to strengthen the utility and cost-effectiveness of monitoring of natural resource management actions for monitoring FTF investments.Increasing gender equality by providing women farmers improved access to knowledge and information.~Results will contribute to climate-resilience, food security, and improved natural resource management.Geospatial analysis and decision tools will support land use planning, climate change adaptation strategies and targeted interventions by government authorities and decision-makers.~National Resource Management practices will be improved with evidence-based, through mobile technology and increasing the ability of farmers to compare and share the successes and failures of new technologies.