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Community / Land projects / Livestock Marketing and Resilience Programme (LMRP)

Livestock Marketing and Resilience Programme (LMRP)


03/15 - 03/22


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This programme aims to increase the food security, incomes and climate resilience of 100,000 poor households in livestock-based and pastoralist communities in selected localities in the five states of West Kordofan, North Kordofan, White Nile, Sennar and Blue Nile. On land and natural resource governance, the programme intends to complete the stock route network through demarcation and restoration and to officially register the delineated/restored routes. Furthermore these routes are planned to be linked to the State Range and Pasture Administration, which would take on the responsibility to maintain/monitor the investments and respond appropriately in case of violation/damage. Capacity building activities for rural community institutions are planned to sensitize leaders at grassroots level, particularly concerning land tenure issues in relation to gender and youth. Another possible field of intervention for this programme could be the creation of "Hemas", a traditional system of resource tenure, to conserve and manage sustainably rehabilitated rangelands through community agreements of social fencing.