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LIWG - Land Information Working Gro - LA


04/19 - 11/20


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This project uses an innovative approach to stimulate and strengthen the involvement of youth (boys and girls) with ethnic background in their communities when it comes to land related issues, using intergenerational dialogue and arts as medium 1) to exchange about issues, positive change, and vision for a better future, and 2) to empower them to better protect land rights in their communities. It takes an innovative approach in using community and youth-led artistic supports to foster mutual learning (of the youth, theircommunities, and LIWG), and to empower the young generation. The project starts with an intergenerational dialogue, respectful of the communities# identity and oral tradition, using photography and story-telling in order to capture anddocument environmental changes from local perspectives, as well as desire for a better future. After being equipped with tools, knowledge and skills, youth willbecome the actors of short theater plays aiming at sharing with their peers their newly acquired knowledge on land rights. Videos will also be recorded to document the learning process and the theater production will be made available on-line as learning product.

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