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Community / Land projects / Local Cooperation Fund (LCF) in Kenya

Local Cooperation Fund (LCF) in Kenya


07/12 - 12/13


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Hurinet made remarkable progress in its previous project implementation activities ranging from peace building and human rights promotion training workshops which were able to avert electoral violence during parliamentary and presidential elections through dialogues involving political parties CSOs students and faith based institutions. Through exchange programme the member organizations were able to get exposure to new practices approaches and methodologies applied in other countries in peace building and human rights promotion. The strategic meetings strengthened networks of members through collective agenda setting regarding the discourse on peace human rights and contribution to national reconciliation and transitional justice processes that will soon cu lminate into national laws and policies.There is increased lack of respect for rule of law witnessed by regular interference by the executive in decision making processes at the expense of other arms of government. Land disputes and utilization of natural resources and revenues still persists despite repeated calls for transparency and accountability. Ethnic conflict still continues to be witnessed in Karamoja region due to water and pasture as well as small arms proliferation despite the disarmament exerci se being undertaken. The above situation creates a future of uncertainty and if not handled well and mitigated the effects will degenerate to the old time where there was massive abuse of human rights and use of violence to resolve conflicts in Uganda. Les sons learnt from the previuos project reveal the need to build the capacity of CSOs in early warning and conflict trasformation through trainings and development of innovative tools mechanism and structures. However amidst the achievemnets the situation in the country seem to be getting back to the post colonial days with increased post election tensions and violence that calls for dialogue among different stakeholder. The project plans to implement a number of activities through three strategic objectives, 1) to enhance capacity of CSOs and communities to effectively utilize the early warning mechanism for crisis prevention and peaceful conflict resolution, 2) to promote dialogue with government and other relevant stakeholders to support appropriate soluti ons to emarging threats, 3) to enhance effective collaboration and networking among the civil society organizations and the grassroot communities for sustainable peace.