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Community / Land projects / Local Cooperation Fund (LCF) in Tanzania

Local Cooperation Fund (LCF) in Tanzania


09/13 - 12/14


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The conference has come at the time when the country the continent and the world are witnessing the crisis of large scale investors in acquiring land in different locations from their home place.Objectives of the conference are:To facilitate discussions th at will address the need of working for peace over land disputes and acquisitions made by international and national investors.To develop mutual understanding on land property concepts including laws and policies governing land matters.To share experiences and lessons from related issues situations and use those experiences for creating better fair and transparent strategies for managing land issues in TanzaniaTo develop common strategies for building capacity of responsible institutions as well as raising community awareness through national debate and education on current land problems in Tanzania as solution for potential future crisisThe expected outcome from this conference include:Create knowledge base and awareness creation strategy on land distributi on showing both positive and negative effects of large scale land businessDissemination of information on outcome of the consultation and proposed steps towards sustainable land use and management for peaceful co existence and common benefitsAgree on bases for lobby strategy for land rights and land disttribution in TanzaniaDecide on how to develop local capacities for improved land management and good governance.