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LRN Campaign - AIPP


09/18 - 11/18


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The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact is one of the founders of the Land Rights Now campaign ( and has actively participated in the campaign since its inception. Through this project AIPP aims at supporting mobilizations in Thailand and Cambodia through its members, and document actions so that they can feed the wider global campaign and mobilize solidarity around the issue of Indigenous rights to ancestral territories and food, in line with the narrative and asks of the Land Rights Now global mobilization on Indigenous and community land rights and food. The objectives are the following: raise awareness on the link between indigenousland rights and food sovereignty; support national influencing strategies to secure Indigenous land rights. Food sovereignty for indigenous peoples is viewed as having access to land and local food without having to purchase them and where traditional knowledge of farming or wild harvesting are maintained and practiced without fear of reprisals. Furthermore, access to land play an important role in fighting hunger and malnutrition and preventing non-communicable diseases amongst indigenous communities. Often indigenous foods are undervalued and classified as ''food of the poor'' of ''of the past.# Food systems and the nutrition situation of indigenous people are often under pressure due to inaccessibility to their lands and to practice their traditional livelihood and general discrimination to indigenous culture. With this, the proposed project activities for this event are to provide an opportunity to highlight the relation of protection and promotion of indigenous peoples land rights and securing food sovereignty, which is further related to their health and livelihood situation.

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