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Community / Land projects / LRN Campaign at Terra Madre Festival '18

LRN Campaign at Terra Madre Festival '18


08/18 - 10/18


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Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) will focus its involvement in the Land Rights Now Campaign on connecting indigenous youth to #urban#youth. The 4-day festival Terra Madre in Turin (20 to 24 September 2018) will be the opportunity for SFYN to join the Land Rights Now (LRN) campaign. They will host different events and collaborate in conferences that support the aim of the LRN campaign on different levels: awareness, connecting, engagement and mobilization. In order to raise awareness SFYN intends to organize conferences with indigenous youth speakers including among others, the following topics: land grabbing; Indigenous Peoples' food systems and Climate Change; Indigenous chefs and inspiring youth; Indigenous youth and innovation. SFYN will also host events on decolonization and shaping society with agriculture (with particular focus on Mexican indigenous communities). Face-to-face meetings will be organized between local SFYN groups in Asia, Latin America and Africa with indigenous youth from these continents; as well as a meeting between indigenous youth and SFYN to integrate with each other; speed-dates between youth: immigrants, indigenous, urban. Finally, at the end of Terra Madre event all representatives of the indigenous youth will be paired with an SFYN buddy through the #Go home with a buddy# initiative in order for them to be able to get in touch with each other when they are back home. In order to increase engagementseveral events involving indigenous communities and their own products will be organized. The latter would give an opportunity for everyone to cook together and share the story of their ingredients while at the same time teaching each other local cooking skills. During Terra Madre, SFYN will also focus on connecting and integrating the indigenous youth to the SFYN network. As a result, next year (2019), hopefully they can be involved in future mobilizations and campaigns. Finally, the aim is also to share the real storiesof indigenous youth all over the world, via the #language of food# by showing short videos and portrait series of indigenous youth and their stories around food. All the events taking place during Terra Madre will be recorded for this purpose.

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