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Community / Land projects / Making Women Access to Land & property

Making Women Access to Land & property


03/22 - 08/22


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Overall objective To strengthen the WLRM to promote women’s land rights in Uganda. Specific Objectives; 1. To build the capacity of the WLRM on movement building, transformative leadership, feminism, grassroots organizing and sustainability 2. To provide a platform for consensus building, joint advocacy, accountability and amplification of voices for women’s land rights Outcomes 1. Capacity of the WLRM strengthened 2. Platform created for women to voice their issues 3. Increased awareness of the legal and policy frameworks on WLRs. Planned Activities 1. Training of grassroots women leaders and members of their organizations on transformative leadership for women’s land and natural resource rights is carried out. 2. Training CSO(Women Land rights Movement) on gender and power relations training 3. Undertake campaigns led by grassroots and indigenous women to secure land rights are linked with global campaigns addressing land inequality, land rights of indigenous communities and climatechange. 4. Organize platforms for grassroots women to amplify their voice and participate in key decision-making spaces, such as the CEDAW in side-events or related activities alongside these spaces.