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Community / Land projects / Mali - National Land Use Plan

Mali - National Land Use Plan


05/17 - 12/23


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The proposed project concerns a grant of one million units of account (UA 1000,000), i.e. CFAF 860,000,000, under Pillar III of the TAF, to provide Mali with a consensual National Spatial Planning Scheme (SNAT) that will serve as a long-term territorial intervention framework. The SNAT must be the main instrument for implementing the National Land Use Policy (PNAT). This plan aims to create optimal conditions for the harmonisation and coordination of sectoral policies. It also aims to combat poverty and reduce regional imbalances. The project has three main components, namely planning and forecasting, production of mapping tools and project management. The duration of the SNAT development study is 16 months.


The objective of the project is to ensure the balanced sustainable development of the territory through the SNAT in support of the territorial and administrative reform. The SNAT will make it possible to: (i) revisit existing spatial planning schemes at the local level; (ii) update and validate data from existing regional spatial planning schemes at the regional level; (iii) identify national guidelines for spatial planning and sustainable development; (iv) produce thematic maps at the regional and national levels.

Target Groups

The project concerns the entire national territory of the Republic of Mali. It will:(i) make a complete diagnosis of the country's potential and areas of economic and social development;(ii) produce a thematic map of the territory;(iii) establish a vision of Mali's long-term planning and development, scenarios of possible changes and development zones;(iv) define the country's economic prospects and development orientations.

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