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Community / Land projects / Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Programme

Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Programme


01/11 - 07/16


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The Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP) aims to improve livelihoods and resilience of poor and disadvantaged people in Nepal. It will also develop the contribution of Nepal’s forestry sector to inclusive economic growth, poverty reduction, and tackling climate change. The programme aims to bring an estimated 1.7 million people out of poverty by working with existing and new forestry groups of various kinds and creating an additional 80,000 jobs. Four outcomes are anticipated by the end of the programme: 1. Government and non-state actors (civil society, NGOs, communities and the private sector) jointly and effectively implementing inclusive forest sector strategies, policies and plans 2. Private sector (farmers, entrepreneurs and financial institutions) increase investment and jobs in the forestry sector 3. Rural communities – especially poor, disadvantaged and climate vulnerable people and households - benefit from local forest management and other investments 4. Forest and trees sustainably managed and monitored by government, communities and private sector and climate resilient.