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Community / Land projects / National Agricultural Land and Water Management Development Project (NEMA)

National Agricultural Land and Water Management Development Project (NEMA)


12/12 - 12/19


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The aim of the project is to increase the incomes of rural women and young people, among 22,860 households, through improved productivity, based on sustainable land and water management practices in six regional agricultural directorates: Central River, North Central River South, West Coast, North Bank, Upper River and Lower River regions. It aims to support the commercialization of rice and vegetable production by incentivising private sector participation. Further it strives to improve productivity of scarce agricultural lands through investments in land and water resources, vegetable gardens and access roads, coupled with farmers' capacity to manage their productive assets. Land and natural resource governance activities target especially women through kafos, as these institutions facilitate independent access to land, farm equipment, credit and training for their members.

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