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Community / Land projects / National Programme to Support Agricultural Value Chain Actors (PNAAFA)

National Programme to Support Agricultural Value Chain Actors (PNAAFA)


08/04 - 03/17


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The programme aims to improve the structure of federations, unions and other groupings of farmer organizations, to provide capacity building for members and extend financial assistance for the development of specific value chains. The programme gives particular attention to women and young people and will benefit 66,000 households in five of the seven prefectures of the region including those of forest: Beyla, Nzerekore, Macenta, Lola and Yomou, where there is a total 20 rural communities. On land and natural resource governance, the programme supports the prioritization of girls and boys (including academics) and head of household women in the distribution of irrigated land; the institutionalization and implementation of regulations promoting the empowerment of women and youth in decision-making bodies and the negotiation with landowners to facilitate access to land.