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Community / Land projects / NL CGIAR Partnership (phase 2)

NL CGIAR Partnership (phase 2)


12/23 - 06/30


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This activity is aimed at further strengthening the link between NL knowledge partners and CGIAR, a global network that does research on food, land and water systems. NL is a major donor of CGIAR (activity 4000005270), and the NL-CGIAR partnership deepens the contentwise engagement. The work of CGIAR, supported through this activity, focuses on productivity and long-term sustainability of food, land and water systems in a context of climate change, especially in developing countries. This implies principal attention for climate adaptation, and significant attention for gender, climate mitigation, biodiversity and desertification (drought and land degradation). The activity consists of 1) funding for Senior Experts from NL institutions who will support CGIAR research, strategy and management, 2) a research call focused on the economics of water at the water-food nexus, 3) support to CGIAR on public-private partnerships for scaling innovations, and 4) publicizing research results.

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