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Community / Land projects / Northern Regions Investment and Rural Development Programme (PIDRN)

Northern Regions Investment and Rural Development Programme (PIDRN)


04/06 - 06/14


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The programme goal was to reduce poverty and vulnerability among the rural people of 14 communes along the Niger River in North Mali. To this end, it helped to build the capacity of local governance bodies (particularly at the community level) to lead a participatory development process benefiting the most vulnerable groups; it strengthened grass-roots organizations’ capacity to manage programme-financed investments in an efficient manner; it improved access to basic services and supported the promotion of policies for rural poverty reduction. Further it realized 1400 ha of Village Irrigated Perimeters (PIV). With regard to land natural resource governance the project supported the prevention of conflicts related to the exploitation of natural resources. Landowners were committed to develop the land available to their community. The town refereed the equitable allocation of developed land, particularly the inclusion of women, youth and the most disadvantaged groups.