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OGB Nepal Earth Day Activities


04/17 - 04/17


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Earth Day Celebrations – Oxfam in Nepal Oxfam in collaboration with Community Self Reliance Center put forward the tentative plan for the Land Rights Now celebration of Earth day 2017. Celebration will be focused on local communities as well as in national level, and will contribute to the global mobilization planned in more than 22 countries under the banner of Land Rights Now around the theme: "On Earth Day 2017, stand with land rights heroes to fight climate change". Objective (e.g. awareness raising; mobilization; influencing): To influence policy makers, political parties and government to adhere the issue of land and climate change in upcominglocal election Expected outcome Policy makers, political parties and government will be aware onpertinent issues of land and climate change and will make it part of their local election agenda. Does the mobilization contributes to influencing a specific policy process? If so, which one? Oxfam and CSRC has been supporting Ministry of Land Reformand Management in drafting process of Land Use Bill. With this advocacy work Oxfam/CSRC have been trying to influence MoLRM to address rights of community over their local naturalresources. Is a specific case of a specific community facing a specificchallenge you are highlighting? Rather than focusing on specific community we have some multiple issues on impact of climate change on land. 1. Changing pattern of land and soil due to climate change 2. Rights of flood victims of southern plains who weredisplaced by flood three years ago and are still not resettled (we donot have specific case study but this issue has been one of the area of advocacy since then) 3. Changing climate and its direct impact on women farmers working on land.

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