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Community / Land projects / OI - Securing Women Land Rights

OI - Securing Women Land Rights


04/17 - 12/18


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The Oxfam Pan Africa Programme (PAP) works with African citizens through their civil society formations to realise a self-reliant Africa that is democratic, peaceful, and responsive to the rights and development needs of its citizens. Our partnerships vary from civil society organisations, coalitions, networks social movements to private sector entities and inter governmental pan African institutions amongst others. The PAP has been, and continue to be instrumental in the establishment of leading African coalitions and networks such as SOAWR, PACJA, PAFO, CCPAU among others. Further to this, Oxfam#s efforts in supporting CSOs have contributed directlyto African CSOs´ abilities in policy advocacy at the AU level. The most significant impact of the PAP has been at the level of influencing governments and African Union (AU) policies, processes and institutions. The PAP has been instrumental in raising the profile and significance of the AU organs and institutions and increasing the voice of African civil society, both in terms of strengthening their capacities to engage and facilitating the space for them to get involved with AU decision making institutions, organs and processes through programmes such as the State of the Union, partnerships with AU organs like the Land Policy Initiative among others. In 2012, the PAP received an Award from the NEPAD Agency as its partner of choice in recognition of the technical support and expertise the Oxfam PAP contributes to its work. In 2013, the PAP received an award from the African Union Commission (AUC) for its technical support, lobbying and campaigning towards the ratification and implementation of the African women#s protocol. The PAP take pride in its recognized power to convene citizens and its capacity to influence regional, continental and global institutions and leaders towards implementation of regional, continental and global instruments, policies and programmes. The PAP remains the point of reference within the Oxfam confederation on cross-regional programming in Africa. Impact Women in Africa will have secure rights toland through improved land laws, policies, and practices, including effective regulation of investment to prevent land rights violations at country and continental level. Long Term Outcome: Regional and Continental policies that secure women land rights are enacted, domesticated and implemented effectively. To realise this outcome, below are some of the indicators that will guide the implementation of this project - Increased pressure on AU-LPI platform to deliver on its mandate and secure women land rights - Number of country teams (Malawi, Uganda and Mozambique) facilitated to the AU spaces to advocate for secure women land rights - Evidence of women (including the rural women) effective participation and engagement in platforms of influence to ensure women land rights are secured.

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