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07/22 - 03/23


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This project involves a Country Case Study on Land Inequality, Climate Change and Food Security Nexus. The objective of this research is to gather evidence for a case study that will explore the inter-linkages between land inequality, climate change andfood security. The case study aims to provide an analysis to CSOs and communities, with a gender approach, on how land inequality manifestsin their country and how it is linked to and impacted by climate change and food security. It will provide the evidence base for advocacy with the national government and other stakeholders. It will feed into our ongoing work around land inequality and land and climate nexus. Land inequality is a key issue of Oxfam and we have been engaged in the land inequality initiative led by the International Land Coalition (ILC). In 2019, the ILC commenced the first phase of the land inequality initiative which focused on collective research that culminated in the launch of a flagship report Uneven Ground which is co-branded with Oxfam. The second phaseof this initiative intends to support advocacy and campaigning efforts at national and international level. It is expected thatthis research will contribute to the body of evidence available within the land inequality initiative for global level work onthe issue. It is also expected that the research solidifies land inequality as a core issue for Oxfam and link it with climate change which is one of the key priorities of Oxfam. Through the Tightening the Netreport, we explored how the net zero targets of governments and companies which are heavily reliant on using vast extents of lands in low-income countries to capture carbon emissions, would lead to an explosion in the demand for land, increasing land inequality and hunger. This research is expected to provide evidence on how this takes place on the ground. This project will contribute to Sida2GROW Pathway 3 work on land rights, and specificallyto towards the intermediary outcome 3.2 greater globalaccountability to uphold international benchmarks on land rights is built. This will be done through a research that will explore the inter-linkages between land inequality, climate change and food security, agreater understanding of which will enable civilsociety organisations to advocate with their national governments for required legal and policy change and accountability.

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