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Community / Land projects / Oxfam International SIDA Phase II

Oxfam International SIDA Phase II


01/19 - 12/23


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SIDA II GROW - Transforming the food system to eradicate hunger and fight inequality. Oxfam International. The Sida2GROW project aims to increase food security for groups that are particularly vulnerable by 1) campaigning for power and value to be shared more fairly in food value chains; 2) engaging with national governments and the UNFCCC for bolder climate action; 3) strengthening global accountability around international benchmarks on land rights. This sub-project project supports key functions of the Project Team co-delivering the #global level# outcomes of the Sida2GROW Project for 2019-2021 (84-104 of the proposal), namely the OI Climate ChangePolicy Lead (at least 0.6 FTE); the OI Land Rights Policy Lead (at least 0.6 FTE); and - through co-funding # the OI BehindthePrice/Barcodes Lead (0.2 FTE). This project includes also a budget for travels costs. In 2021, GROW will update its strategy, and its interventions. Therefore, outcomes / interventions / tactics for 2022 may change, and terms of reference with them. The 3 Leads will also help connecting the Sida2GROW with wider Oxfam work and agenda; aligning with the overall Oxfam GROW Campaign; identifying opportunities and synergies. The 3 Leads# access to the global activity budget is describedin and regulated by the Sida2GROW Project Implementation Manual, based on Annual Operational Plans.

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