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Community / Land projects / PanNature - Agri-investment in Mekong

PanNature - Agri-investment in Mekong


04/16 - 08/20


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In Phase 1, PanNature will work with Oxfam in Vietnam will to conduct research and advocacy on Vietnamese cross-border agriculturalinvestments in Laos and Cambodia. We will prioritize leading crops like rubber, coffee, and sugar cane, with an aim to reducing social and environmental impacts of investment. The project will be coordinated and managed by the land governance program team in Vietnam, in cooperation with Oxfam country offices in Laos and Cambodia, Oxfam Hong Kong, and a range of local government, NGO and private sector partners. In Phase 2, PanNature will lead the Guideline pilots in 2 Vietnamese companies investing in Laos and Cambodia,contribute to refining the Guideline for its roll over to other companies and work with Oxfam in overall advocacy activities.

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