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Community / Land projects / Participation and Opportunities for Women Economic Rights (POWER)

Participation and Opportunities for Women Economic Rights (POWER)


10/19 - 12/21


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The Project by the end of 24 months POWER will strengthen the eco-feminist movement to promote and protect the economic rights of marginalised women affected by compulsory land acquisition in four districts in Northern (Nwoya, Amaru) and Western (Hoima and Buliisa) Uganda at a critical time when 300,000 women have been displaced and an additional one million women are at risk of displacement. The project will contribute to the SDG target that all women enjoy equal rights to “economic resources, as well as access to ownership and control over land and other forms of property and natural resources”. As primary beneficiaries 1,000 women will receive legal support and training and awareness raising in women’s rights and alternative livelihoods. These women will share their learning with 6,000 secondary beneficiaries ensuring in excess of 5,380 women are inputting into decision-making affecting their land ownership and livelihoods at local, national and international levels to advocate for policy change and improve access to justice.