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Community / Land projects / Partnership for Peaceful Rural Transformation

Partnership for Peaceful Rural Transformation


05/13 - 04/16


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This project is a partnership between International Alert and the Rwandan Farmers’ Federation, IMBARAGA, and ProFemmes/TweseHamwe, which provides a focus on gender to the project. The partners seek to address challenges and opportunities presented by the Rwandan government's land reform programme, applying a conflict-sensitivity lens to the proposed initiatives, and addressing information gaps between government and communities.


This project has to reach 4 objectives include 1) Reduce conflict risks associated with land reform through increased community capacity to understand and mediate; 2) improved understanding of, and capacity to engage in, formulation and implementation of policies related to land use and administration in Rwanda by communities, local authorities, civil society and the private sector;3) Increase confidence and leadership on the part of the project implementers and 4) Policy decisions informed by the perspectives and priorities of citizens on aspects of the reform process on the part of central government

Target Groups

The project benefits to community members including especially women and youth from project locations affected by land conflicts. It also benefits to local government officials at cell, sector and district levels empowered to effectively implement land related policy and address community land conflicts through local platforms notably dialogue groups and District Task Force (DTF) setting