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Community / Land projects / Planning for Climate Adaptation Program

Planning for Climate Adaptation Program


03/15 - 09/20


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(Dominican Republic): USAID will use $905,000 in GCC adaptation funds to build municipal planning capacity for land use planning and climate change adaptation in Santo Domingo, Santiago, and selected coastal tourist centers. USAID/DR assistance will strengthen the Dominican Republic's ability to respond to the impacts of climate change and increase resilience of the Dominican Republic's most vulnerable populations. The negative impacts of climate change will compound existing vulnerabilities, such as poor public resource planning and management, the location of low-income populations on marginal and/or flood-prone lands, and a lack of analytically informed systems for decision-making. Therefore, USAID will improve the availability of and access to climate change information, and integration of climate change into municipal-level urban planning and private sector development, with the ultimate goal of increased adoption of risk reduction measures that specifically address climate risks. The Urban Land Use and Climate Change Adaptation Planning activity will contribute to the achievement of USAID/DR's Development Objective Two (DO2) Increased Resilience of People to the Impact of Climate Change during the strategy period 2014-2018 through IR 2.1 : Land Use Planning Reduces Damage from Climate Change. (IM #49972 $905,000 direct GCC-Adaptation)