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Community / Land projects / A Pro-Small –scale Farmer Advocacy Campaign: “Fill My Basic Needs Basket”

A Pro-Small –scale Farmer Advocacy Campaign: “Fill My Basic Needs Basket”


01/14 - 12/15


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This project seeks to conduct research on small-scale farmers in view of the changing land use in Kenya and Uganda and advocate for favourable policies to enhance food production and increased access to land for all. The project aims to take stock of the emerging trends in massive land dealings involving government-to-government, government to multinationals and local land grabbing to lease or sell that are mostly not used for agricultural activities making countries susceptible to food insecurity. In Uganda, access to land and land ownership are critical concerns It has three phases; first, research in Kenya and Uganda, second, a national conference in each country to extrapolate policy issues and disseminate the findings, and sensitize more people on the intensity of the problem, and thirdly, advocacy and lobby for policy formulation and change. As a result there will be close working relationship and collaboration with National Catholic Commission on Justice and Peace and Community Resource Network in Uganda, Catholic Justice and Peace Commission in Kenya. Project Objectives: 1. To increase public awareness on farm land grabbing and ownership in Kenya and Uganda; 2. To sensitize the religious institutions, government and nongovernmental organizations and the public in Kenya and Uganda on the latest trends and dynamics on land use and allocation and how it affects small scale farmers 3. To build the capacity of faith-based organisations for policy analysis and advocacy on behalf of small-scale farmers 4. To conduct a systematic campaign to promote pro-small scale farmers