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Community / Land projects / Programme for Rural Irrigation Development (PRIDE)

Programme for Rural Irrigation Development (PRIDE)


12/16 - 12/23


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The programme, which draws lessons from IRLADP, aims to enable 17,500 smallholder households to enhance their production levels to such a degree that they can provide for their household nutritional demands and deliver produce to viable markets by providing smallholder farm households a combination of 5,200 ha of irrigated land and soil- and water conservation infrastructure; promotion of good agricultural practices; and linkage to improved value chains. Land and natural resource governance interventions aim to develop resilient land and water management systems for smallholder households on both rain-fed and irrigated lands; to develop agreements on equitable access to irrigate. Water Users’ Associations will be given long-term access to the irrigated land, and will be charged with sub-letting land to their members. Measures will be introduced for ensuring equitable access for women and youth.