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Community / Land projects / Property Rights Program (PRP)

Property Rights Program (PRP)


01/14 - 01/18


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Working closely with the EU, the Kosovo Property Rights Program (PRP) will assist the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to develop a property reform strategy and new property law. PRP is the only donor-funded project in Kosovo working to improve court procedures related to property claims, with an emphasis on improving court practices that prevent women from inheriting property in practice. The project supports implementation of USAID Forward and Local Solutions by building the capacity of Kosovo Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and municipal governments to manage and administer USAID direct awards through grants and Government to Government (G2G) agreements. PRP supports local CSOs to develop and implement public information, awareness, and advocacy campaigns to inform women and men about women’s rights to property and change attitudes and behaviors that prevent women from inheriting property. The project also builds municipal capacity to improve delivery of property related services, enabling citizens to more efficiently engage in property related transactions.