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Protect the Environment and Secure Lands


01/14 - 12/15


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Briefly, in one or two paragraphs, summarise Oxfam Novib's relationship to date with this organisation. Also, mention any other salient points for the reader that will not be in either in this Appraisal or in the Counterpart and Project Description. Kesan emerged from the youth group Karen Nature Conservation Group, which has its origins in Thai refugee camp. Its founders who practically grew up in the camps participated in an inspiring environmental training from Images Asia Environment Desk (a former Oxfam Novib partner) in 1997 leading to the creation of Kesan in 2001. While initially addressed at improving rural livelihood security and gaining recognition and respect for local and indigenous people#s rights in Karen State, recent ceasefire and peace process negotiations have pushed Kesan to focus more on policy advocacy, land registration and management, and building networks among key government and civil society actors. It is now in the process of establishing a presence in Yangon. Given this direction, Kesan will remain as a strategic partner to contribute to three key programs of Oxfam Novib: natural resource management in relation to conflict transformation, DRR and resilience and potentially humanitarian response given the potentialrepatriation of some 130,000 officially registered refugees along the Thai-Myanmar border who fled decades of ethnic conflict, back to Myanmar. Significant number of these refugees are Karens. As mentioned in the evaluation of Kesan (Dec 2013): #Kesan#s impressive work and strategic interventions have strengthened Karen communities to be able to withstand the ongoing threats to their security and livelihoods. KESAN has also equipped them with skills and resources to be better prepared for the new challenges that they and their children will be facing in the future.# However, the resultant budget cut as a consequence of country budget reduction will have a more significant impact on Kesan#s programming as Oxfam Novib is their biggest, single donor.Hopefully, with the approval of the regional Water Governance Program, Kesan is assured of more resources to drive this aspect of its program specifically the Salween River advocacy work.

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