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Community / Land projects / Protecting Fundamental Freedoms

Protecting Fundamental Freedoms


10/14 - 09/23


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(Cambodia): .Using FY 2019 funds, the activity will promote and protect.fundamental freedoms (freedom of speech, assembly and expression) in Cambodia..The activity will provide legal and practical support to human rights.defenders, land and environmental activists, civil society and political.activists, journalists and other individuals whose basic rights and fundamental.freedoms violated. The activity will also support grassroots communities to.advocate for solutions to their challenges, including land disputes. It will.also monitor and report on fundamental freedom violations and engage with local.and international stakeholders and human rights mechanisms to address.Cambodia's fundamental freedom issues. .. ..The activity supports Mission Objective 1.2 (CDCS DO1)."Strengthened credible voices to promote fundamental democratic principles and.human rights" by advancing the respect for and protection of human rights of the.Cambodian people. The activity falls under the Administration priority to."Advance American Influence" (National Security Strategy, Pillar IV) by.addressing human rights violations in Cambodia. This activity supports the.Indo-Pacific Strategy through the Indo-Pacific Transparency Initiative under.the Human Rights domain. The activity is implemented through a non-competitive.grant awarded to CCHR based on the organization's unique qualifications in.accordance with federal procurement regulations. ..