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Community / Land projects / Provision of Emergency NFI and Shelter to the people displaced by drought and conflict in Merka district, L

Provision of Emergency NFI and Shelter to the people displaced by drought and conflict in Merka district, L


05/18 - 10/18


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The project will involve the distribution of 800 NFI kits to 800 people displaced by repeated conflict and drought in Merka Lower Shabelle region, beneficiaries will be targeted based on vulnerability criteria that will prioritize women headed households, the elderly and children headed households especially girls. The beneficiaries will be distributed equally with each benificiary getting NFI kit comprising 2Blanket, 1 Sleeping mat, 3 Soap bar, 1Kitchen knife, 2Cooking pots,1 Large spoon , 5Table spoon, 5Plates and 5 Metal. AYUUB will closely coordinate with Other Agencies distributing NFI's in the areas and start the project implementation with community consultations and coordination with Local Authority to identify vulnerable people displaced by the drought. This will include consultations with local authorities, community elders and host communities to identify and register the most vulnerable people for NFIs support. The project implementation will involve the following activities: 1. Market analysis: AYUUB will carry out two market analysis to determine the appropriate modality of the NFIs distribution 2. Beneficiaries registration: AYUUB will hold consultations with community members to jointly determine the targeting criteria, identify the most vulnerable and register beneficiaries for the NFIs and Shelter. AYUUB will prioritize the Most vulnerable people in the Targeted area . AYUUB will also target host communities to ensure that other vulnerable people within thetarget locations are also assisted based on needs and also avoid conflict between the host community and displaced people. 3. NFIs Throug In Kind distribution: AYUUB will distribute NFIs through in Kind distribution to 800 households (5200 people) who include 1200 women, 1100 men, 1600 girls, 1300 boys. The age and gender disaggregation is based on the demographic profile in Somalia and prioritization of women and girls who are the most affected by displacements. The actual gender and age breakdown will be reported once beneficiary registration is completed. AYUUB will promote the dignity of the beneficiaries by placing the decision of the content of priority NFIs in their best interests. The approach will empower displaced people in prioritizing needs and give them the power of making decisions for their needs. 4. AYUUB Will Construct 800 ESK emergency Shelter to 800 HH in Merka district and will be distributed to the same IDP HH received NFI Kits and Provide 800 Solar Lumps to 800 HH. 5. Post distribution monitoring: Each distribution will be followed with a post distribution monitoring toget feedback on the distribution process and utilization of the NFIs kits, one month after distribution. 6. AYUUB Will do Community consultations and Meetings to for the respective Communities from the Five IDP Settlements to support community consultations at the initial beneficiary identification and registration, and secure land tenure mainstreaming. 7. AYUUB will carry out settlement layouts and planning of settlements on leaving adequate spaces for necessary infrastructures including individual plot sizes, roads, WASH facilities, fire places. 8. AYUUB Will provide cash assistant Support for Construction of Shelter Kits to the targeted Communities and Will be trained 20 Community Manson’ on Basic construction of ESK (Emergency Shelter Kit)