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Community / Land projects / Punjab Land Records Management and Information Systems Project

Punjab Land Records Management and Information Systems Project


01/07 - 12/16


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The project aims to improve the land records service delivery of the Province of Punjab, contributing to long-lasting tenure security and more efficient operation of land markets. The project focuses on:(i) setting the foundations of a modernized, more accessible and conclusive land records system by generating and strengthening the capacity of relevant entities to effectively manage and administer such a system; (ii) developing and deploying an accountability-prone land records system and all other pre-service delivery tasks; (iii) providing cost-effective land records services at all levels, including operations and maintenance of the Land Records Management Information Systems (LRMIS), with the objective of managing, operating, and making accessible timely land-related information; and (iv) monitoring the quality and efficiency of the services provided, and assessing its impacts.