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Community / Land projects / Real estate registration system for Moldova

Real estate registration system for Moldova


01/12 - 12/16


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The project consists of three main activities: •Support from the Norwegian Mapping Authority: The Norwegian Mapping Authority provides project supervision and technical assistance to the system design, development of ICT strategy, technical requirements and specification for procurements, and quality control and assurance of deliveries and installations. •Preparation of an overall ICT strategy for real estate registration (CADASTRU): The ICT strategy will facilitate the design and development of the system requirements, technical specifications and tender documents for the System procurements. •Development and implementation of a new Real Estate Registration System: Real estate information is an important component of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure, which Moldova will establish in conformity with the EU Inspire program for sharing and exchange of geographic data nationally and across national borders. The new IT solution for real estate registration will facilitate integrated access to a wide range of geographic information from various sources using web service; it will also be centralized. Local registration offices and external users will access the Central Database via Internet.