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RED Communication


06/18 - 08/20


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Main objectives: -Increasing legal advice on land rights for the poor, including the deployment of an interactive website and a smartphone application (called LILA). - Supporting the press to exploit the topics and identify social problems from the app information; verifying, contacting and mobilizing information for articles on newspapers or on related forums; creating pressure on media for local authorities to solve these issues. - Conducting investigation,publication of articles in newspapers and other communication channels, possibly including non-press tools such as documents and reportssent to authorized agencies, in order to accelerate the settlement of cases quickly and with transparency. RED communication strives toward a fair society where legal rights are guaranteed and people's livelihoods improved. RED communication is a non-governmental organisation and as a pioneer in development communication in Vietnam, it uses the power of communication to achieve optimal results from development programmes and create conditions for their spreading.

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