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Republic of Congo - Population Movement


01/19 - 04/19


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On Sunday 16th December 2018, some villages in the Province of Mai-Nambiar, Democratic Republic of Congo, neighboring the district of Makotimpoko in the Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) were affected by inter-ethnic conflict. The fighting has resulted in 400 fatalities and the destruction of property. A large number of the population of the conflict affected areas were forced to cross the river Congo and find refuge in several localities in the Cuvette (Konda and Youmba) and Plateaux (Makotimpoko, Bouemba, Patrick) areas in Congo-Brazzaville


Health and Water, sanitation and hygiene

Target Groups

The DREF operation intends to assist a total of 500 displaced households (i.e. 3000 people) with special emphasis on people with special needs, including • Elderly; • Female headed households • Unaccompanied children • Pregnant women • Women with children under the age of five