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Community / Land projects / Responsible and Innovative Land Administration Project in Etiopia second phase (REILA II)

Responsible and Innovative Land Administration Project in Etiopia second phase (REILA II)


12/16 - 12/21


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The intervention is the second phase of REILA (Responsible and Innovative Land Administration Project) that supports the development of land administration in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of the least developed countries (LDCs) according to the OECD's classif ication. All the land in Ethiopia is owned by the government but the farmers have traditional extensive user rights to their lands. Official registration of such lands increases further the tenure security. Increased land tenure security encourages farmer s to use their lands in a sustainable way and to make investments to raise the productivity of the lands. Official registration also reduces conflicts over land.The project will be implemented in 2017-2021.The long term impact of the project is to achieve improved livelihood and economic well-being of the rural population through promotion of sustainable land management practices. The outcome is to have improved and appropriate land administration system for Ethiopia and improved land tenure security for ru ral land users. Expected outputs can be divided into three result areas: 1. Improved regional land administration and increased and certified land security for land users 2. Improved capacity of such civil servants in different levels of administration wh o manage and coordinate land administration and improved capacity of Ethiopian mapping agency to survey accurately and efficiently land and 3. Improved supply of skilled manpower to the land administration sector in Ethiopia. Ministry of Agriculture manage s the implementation of the project in Ethiopia. Finland will also procure via open tendering a technical assistance team to support the project. Finland's support to the intervention is 7.1 million euros with the following annual division: 2017: 1.2 mil lion 2018: 1 million 2019: 1.5 million 2020: 1.9 million and 2021: 1.5 million.